The Presentation, short story

I wrote this story when doing a creative writing course in 2003. It was rejected for publication by The [New Zealand] Listener, so it probably shouldn’t see the light of day, but it may be a warning for anyone else subject to the hard sell of a timeshare evening!

The Presentation             by        Vivienne Morrell (based on an actual event)

“…Which is FAN-tastic”, Dylan exclaimed. He took hold of his “Leisure World” t-shirt and briefly lifted it off his shoulders, letting it fall again. There were sweat beads on his forehead.

Dylan was explaining to us all the benefits of owning a one-week share of the Beach-la-Mer Resort in Coolangatta. By joining the ‘advantage’ scheme, the advantages were truly fan-tastic:

You could exchange your one week for a week in one of the 3,500 resorts the company owned worldwide. Seven nights’ high-class accommodation in a two-bedroom apartment for only $200. The savings compared to an ordinary holiday – he did some calculations – were fan-tastic. If you wanted you could save up your one week – up to a maximum of four weeks – and have a great holiday every four years, in Europe perhaps. This was called spacebanking.

“Tenerife. Have you been there? It’s where all the Brits go.” Continue reading